Nose Game – Great way to Enrich your Puppy’s Environment

Okay, so last Tuesday evening, I arrived home around 8:00.  Earlier that evening, I taught my group mini course at Collierville Pet Hospital. My Australian Terrier, Bentley was quite happy to see me finally get home. I had a few high value treats in my pocket, leftovers from group class. Rather than let Bentley earn the treats via a few commands, I decided to play a game to enrich his environment....

January 5th, 2012 by AT 
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Six Facts You Need to Know to Raise a Perfect Puppy

Chronic Commissions: Software for building an online income empire /p Click Here! Fact #1: Forget about alpha and pack. A nine year old child, or a 85 year old grandparent in a wheelchair, can teach and control any dog by following a few, simple, kind rules. There is an excellent, simple way to teach your puppy, and it has nothing to do with alpha or dominance. As neat as it sounds, your family...

March 5th, 2011 by AT 

Three Steps for Puppy Play Biting Solutions

Play biting is a stage of development. Most pups naturally grow out of the stage at about 6 months of age unless people do things that prolong the period. I’ve met some older dogs, 1-2 years old, who still nip and mouth, which poses a true problem. This is an indication that their humans did not understand play biting and unknowingly created a play biting habit. Here are three steps you can...

March 3rd, 2011 by AT 

Tough Boy Trick- Capture your Dog’s Cute Behaviors – Place on Cue

Imagine a photographer with a camera focused on a bird’s nest – just waiting for the baby birds to pop their heads up. The instant the birds show their heads, the photographer captures the image by releasing the shutter. Imagine a dog owner (me) walking his turbo Australian terrier (Bentley). Imagine Bentley scratching the ground with his feet (like a bull), immediately after he urinates....

June 9th, 2010 by AT 
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Dog and Puppy & Fun iPhone App

Welcome to this fun site. Enjoy your visit! I’ve been lazy about posting new articles this year. I was working on another fun project. It’s the iPhone app titled Dog and Puppy Shake – Fun Facts & Trainer Truths. The app made it into the iTunes App Store Thursday, June 3rd Hooray! Visit the app store and search “How’s Bentley” to find it. If you have a moment,...

June 3rd, 2010 by AT 
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iPhone 3Gs Video Golden Retriever Puppy Tug

Here’s a cute video of two golden litter mates! New iPhone app -Dog and Puppy Shake – Fun Facts and Trainer Truths 21st Century Dogs – Dog and Puppy Club
May 15th, 2010 by AT 
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My Dog Pulls: Polite Dog Walking on Leash

Stop your dog from pulling on walks! Say, I have another web site site with information about teaching a dog or puppy to walk nicely on a lead. The name of the my site is My Dog Pulls. Alan J Turner – How’s Bentley – Memphis Dog Trainer Group Dog Obedience Mini Courses Collierville, Germantown,Bartlett, TN
January 22nd, 2010 by AT 

Teach your Dog Inside Voice – Capture Dog’s Natural Behavior and Place it on Cue

One of the neat things about using an instant reward marker is how you can capture a natural behavior and then teach your dog to do it on cue. Here’s a recent email exchange with my client, Elizabeth, who has a 4-5 month old large mix breed dog, Big Mac. BETH’S EMAIL: Well, I taught him….Inside voice….and he acts like he is going to bark but doesn’t make a sound……Now he...

January 16th, 2010 by AT 

Challenges of Raising Puppy Litter Mates

Anyone of the millions of dog owners knows . . .it’s easy to fall in love with puppies! How many of you went to “look” at a litter of puppies, only to arrive home with a new canine addition? These guys pull at our hearts! An even stronger heart tug is when only two puppies are left. Many people make split second decisions to adopt both puppies. People are thinking,”heck, it’s not much more...

January 16th, 2010 by AT 

**iPhone 3Gs Video ** Part 2: Teach your Dog to Walk on Human, Motorized Treadmill

Remember Duchess?  that cute dog who was afraid to step onto the treadmill? Follow this link for Part 1, the initial story. Success! Click the links below to watch 2 different videos of Duchess walking on the motorized treadmill. Alan J Turner How’s Bentley Dog Training – Memphis TN
January 7th, 2010 by AT 

Puppy Making you Crazy? Tether that Turbo Girl!

Most of us would not walk an untrained puppy, off leash, next to a busy street. We realize the puppy is not trained, and she may wander into the street and get hit by a car.  We use a leash to keep the puppy safe. Inside the house, it’s a little safer. No cars are going to break your puppy’s legs, and your puppy can’t run away from you and get kidnapped or lost. But she can get into trouble...

January 4th, 2010 by AT 

New Year Resolution for Your Dog

Take 2, 20 Minute Walks each day. In addition to the obvious exercise benefits for you and your dog, walks build relationships. Many people avoid walks because their dogs pull. Teaching a dog to walk nicely is easy – if you have the right tools! Alan J Turner – Private Dog Trainer – Memphis – Collierville-Germantown, Bartlett, Tn,  Olive Branch MS Group Dog Obedience...

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