How’s Bentley


How’s Bentley

Alan J Turner

Companion Animal Behavior Counselor

& Trainer

Canine Specialization – How’s Bentley – Memphis, TN

Bentley is a male, neutered, 20 lb., AKC Registered Australian terrier born in 1999. Affectionately called Turbo Terrier, he is just that, a turbo charged bundle of curiosity and energy.

How’s Bentley is the first question I hear from all my friends and acquaintances. I always ask my dog owner friends how’s so and so? It represents the universal camaraderie between dog owners and the genuine interest in each others’ pets.

Thanks to all the animals and humans that allow me to interact and learn during their difficult and pleasant experiences. Every interaction enhances my dedication to learn more about humans and animals and how I can improve mutually beneficial human-animal relationships.


Alan J. Turner

Memphis TN

Member: Association of Pet Dog Trainers

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