Yuk! My puppy’s ears stink!


img_0346Ear infections are common, especially in dogs with floppy ears. If your puppy or dog is constantly shaking his or her head or scratching his or her ears, there’s likely to be an infection. 

Ear infections are stinky. To determine if your pup’s ears are infected, place your nose directly into your pup’s ear and take a whiff. Do this a couple of times every week so you’ll notice any changes in the odor, before the infection develops into a serious problem. Contact your veterinarian if your dog’s ears are smelly! 

As reported in the Journal American Veterinary Medical Association (JAVMA), Veterinary Pet Insurance Company, of Brea, Calif. reports that ear infections in dogs was the number 2 reason for vet visits. Skin allergies was number 1. The rankings were for 2004. 

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