Guangzhou, China follow Beijing in Enacting a One Dog Limit

Kojack_MemphisSay, which one of these dogs would you keep? Kojack is a well mannered AKC Rotweiler and Memphis is a cute Pit Bull Terrier. Although some cities have enacted “dangerous dog” bans that include Pit Bull Terriers,thankfully, USA city of Memphis TN does not have a breed specific ban nor a one dog limit.  Hooray! Memphis and Kojack will remain with their owners in Memphis TN.

I work with all breeds in Memphis TN,  Pit Bulls and Rotweilers in Memphis as well as Labrador Retrievers and Shorkies. If some of those small breed dogs were as large as Rotties and Pit Bulls, their owners would have huge problems! I find that responsible owners of large powerful breeds often take the time to learn how to train their dogs, while small dog owners are less likely to be concerned about barking and jumping up on people.

According to aol news sources, beginning July 1, 2009 residents of Guangzhou China will have a one dog limit. Beijing, China enacted a one dog limit for 9 provinces in 2006.

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