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Barking for Attention?


Beth – New Member

11:38 am – June 1, 2009

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Hi, I'm not sure what to do. My dog, Skip, barks at me constantly. I have tried squirting him with a water bottle and he stops but only for a moment. I can't study or do my homework because he is always barking! Help!


Administrator – Admin

11:54 am – June 1, 2009

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Hi Beth. Thanks for writing, sorry to hear of your troubles. You didn't mention Skip's age. It doesn't really matter, but if Skip has been practicing this behavior for months (or years), it will take a bit longer to fix.  I wouldn't use a anti bark collar for this behavior. 

It sounds like Skip needs more mental and physical stimulation, and a bit of training.First, review your activity schedule and make sure you are meeting his needs. 

When you tell him “No”, or use a squirt bottle you are giving him attention, exactly what he wants. The behavior will continue unless you change your strategy!

When Skip is barking at you, what exactly do you want him to do and where?  Once you have answered these questions, you have your next training goal! 

If all of Skips' physical and mental stimulation needs are being met, do this. The instant he barks, walk out of the room. This will teach him that barking makes you go away, quite the opposite of what he wants.  Return in 10-20 seconds and then tell Skip exactly what he should do. For instance, you could return and tell him to  “go-to-place”

Take some time to teach Skip how to ask for attention in a polite manner. You could teach him to sit quietly, go-to-place or any number of acceptable alternate behaviors.

If you need help starting a training program, visit this web site,

Happy Training!


Happy Training! AT

jlenchik – New Member

10:59 am – August 15, 2011

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Hi Alan,

My dog Roxie actually attended your training classes. She is overall well trained and a really good dog. However, we have been having 1 issue. She consistently barks for attention. She forces anyone around to play ball with her, or any other toy she can find. We have tried putting away all her toys when she starts barking, but she always finds something. This behavior drives everyone in the house crazy. Roxie is not a neglected dog. She goes to the dog park twice a week and someone plays ball with her every day after work. She has plenty of toys to keep her occupied and many mind development toys. She will also bark at other dogs at the park to get them to chase her. We have tried to use your suggestion above and teach her to ask to play in a nice way by sitting down or leaving the backyard when she starts barking, but this doesnt seem to be working and she keeps barking. This is becoming a major problem and I am considering a bark collar, but dont want her to learn that she can never bark, because dogs are meant to bark. I was thinking of only putting the bark collar on her when she is at the park or outside with her toys. Do you have any other suggestions? I do not want to do anything that would be harmful to her.

Thank you,



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