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10:01 pm – August 19, 2009

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Hi Everyone.

Thanks for inviting me to address Duece's behaviors when on walks with volunteers. Please post any questions progress, setbacks, concerning Duece. 

Equipment for Deuce: collar, tether, toy on rope, treats – two people should be with Deuce at all times during outings. 

With Deuce on the tether, practice the two-finger target, and sit for folded arm. For this first week or so, use the marker (good – spoken crisply – like a sound not the word) when he bumps your target and when he sits. Later you can quit using the marker and the target. 

Today I noticed that Deuce did well on the tether, but when loose, started biting and jumping on the volunteer (Rene spelling??) , when he was about to attach the leash and take Deuce inside.

Perhaps Deuce is aware that his outing is about to end, so he gets naughty???

Let's start a casual discussion, a sort of log of every outing with Deuce. Note everything about all instances when Deuce jumps and mouths. We can adjust and modify our strategy for success. 

Have a great evening! 


Happy Training! AT

Wendy Meyers – Member

9:39 am – August 21, 2009

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I would like to thank you for taking the time to help with this big guy.  I am sorry I was unable to make your Wednesday visit.  

Last night Lee Anne and I took Deuce to the play yard.  I have a couple of questions.

Should only one person be the one to interact?  I found we were both giving him direction and at times they were different directives.  He was a naughty when we brought him to the play yard.  He mouthed and jumped on Lee Anne, so we both used our leads to take him around the play yard.  This did help with control.  

We then put him on the tether and he seemed very board.  He did not respond to “here” but did sit when asked.  We then let him off the tether after praising his calm behavior.

I had an additional toy in my pocket for those “moments” when distraction is needed.  Well this guy thought that was great and kept “stealing” it out of my pocket.  A great game for him.

He did mouth Lee Anne more than we would have liked but he did keep all fours on the ground most of the time, responded to some commands, and we did not let him get crazy.

Any comments?

Administrator – Admin

6:19 pm – August 30, 2009

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Hi Wendy,

I apologize for this late reply. I thought I had notification on, so I would know when there was a new post. Now, I’ll check daily for posts!

You are welcome.

Walking him with two leads and two walkers is a good
idea. He can walk between and the people can keep him from jumping.

It’s fine if two interact. You could practice the “target here”, by having him race from one to the other.

Using better treats may encourage him to target. Or, can you ask kennel personnel to “not feed” an let the dog walkers feed after the outing.

I’ll check back tomorrow for any new posts. Thank you for posting!
Happy Training!


Happy Training! AT

Camilia – Guest

6:02 am – February 26, 2015

Post edited 12:03 pm – February 26, 2015 by Camilia

Form a good relationship with your dog. If you and your dog are closely bonded, he is likely to feel more secure just by having you around.

· Teach your dog the basic commands. Teaching your dog to respond to basic commands, such as sit, stay and come, is important for many reasons beyond simple training. It also gets your dog used to responding to you and your direction.

· Get your dog used to being handled. If your dog is skittish or shy, you may want to spend a few minutes each day just gently handling his ears and belly so he gets used to that kind of contact.

· Take your dog to the vet before the first appointment. Bringing your dog in to meet the staff and to get a feel for the office before his first exam may help to relieve his anxiety the next time he goes.

· Arrive a little early. Make sure you get to the vet early enough to give your dog a chance to sniff around outside and to do his business.

· Keep him close while waiting. While in the waiting room, keep your dog close by, and try to distract him with a toy or treat. This may help to ease his anxiety.

· Be mindful of other pets and people. Maintain a respectful distance from other pets in the office because you do not know how they might react to your dog. Similarly, if your dog is afraid, he may act out in a different way than usual.

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