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Door Knock Game - $.99

Teach your dog to come find you when someone knocks on the door! Learn how to teach your dog multiple cues (commands, signals) for the same behavior.  Learn how to teach your dog to respond when you ask the first time! Dog must already know “come” to use the door knock as a auto-signal for come. 
This 5 page document is well worth the .99! 
Thank you.

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Jump Start - Puppy & Dog Obedience $4.95

For puppies and dogs of all ages! This is the set of notes I use with private and group clients.
Much of the information in this PDF e booklet is on this site for FREE.
This PDF e booklet is for those who want an indexed copy of some of the puppy information on this site.

Basic Obedience and Manners – 48 pages including cover and table of contents

Includes Quick Start Training Theory 1 through 5 – Steps to Success – How to Communicate – Establish a Reward System – Condition a Reward Marker – Cues – Door Knock Game – Capture Sit – Teach Here – Lure Down -Teach Attention (with command and without command) – Target Touch – Go to Place – Stay – Inside/Outside,  and More!

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Teach your puppy or dog very quickly using kind methods! Everyone who wants to use rewards based training methods to teach their new puppy or older dog will benefit from owning this booklet! How's Bentley Jump Start is a "must have" for positive reinforcement trainers. Written by Alan J Turner,

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