How’s Bentley Group Dog Obedience: Mini Course


Look, Here, Sit, Stay, Down, Place

Group Mini Course Syllabus & Notes

Group Dog Obedience


3, 1-hour Sessions @ Brookhaven Canine Academy $75

If your dog will always look when you ask, come when called, sit on command, stay in one area, go to place, and lie down, you have a well trained dog.

Teaching these basic commands resolves many normal annoying behaviors such as jumping up, racing out the door, et cetera. More importantly you will learn how to communicate exactly what you want from your dog and you will learn how to motivate the dog to want the same things.

The mini course will give you the information you need to succeed!

Reservations:: Click Here to reserve your spot -Online Enrollment Form

This service is for all friendly rabies vaccinated puppies and dogs 12 weeks or older and their human house mates. Courses are segregated according to dogs’ ages

Thursdays @ 6:15 PM or 7:30 PM @ Brookhaven Canine Academy

732 W Brookhaven Cr, Memphis TN –

Reservations: Click Here to reserve your spot -Online Enrollment Form

Alan J. Turner Launches New Web Site

img_0030Alan J Turner is a companion animal behavior counselor and trainer.  Alan operates How’s Bentley in Memphis Tn.  Alan works full time in the companion animal field. Alan’s specialization is canine behavior and offers group and private dog training classes. Many of Alan’s clients have dogs who are aggressive or fearful. Alan works closely with the veterinary community in Collierville, Germantown, Cordova, and Memphis TN.

The web site,, is designed to deliver information to people who live in areas where there are no canine behavior counselors. In addition, Alan offers many instructional guides for a fraction of the cost of a private dog trainer! Visit for dog and behavior and help!